Proof Positive 6 – March 27th

Proof march final

We’re excited to welcome synth and drums duo Soccer 96 to headline the next Proof Positive on March 27th.

Check them out here:

Support comes from sound sculptor, ambient tapes and guitar specialist Napoleon IIIrd and pianist Tom Rogerson, probably collaborating.

Or tell people here:

Doors 8pm at Servant Jazz Quarters.




PP 5 – February 18th 2014

PP feb 2014


Following their earlier Proof Positive gig in Summer 2013, we’ve invited Wrangler back now that they have an album due in April.

Wrangler are made up of  Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire co-founder), Benge (analogue synth expert and John Foxx-collaborator), and Phil Winter (long-term member of folktronica heroes Tunng.)

Expect modular synths, old drum machines, and gnarly vocals.

Support comes from Ahma: Icelandic electronic improvisation and Tom Rogerson (Three Trapped Tigers) opens with a solo piano improv set.

Usual thing: 8pm at Servant Jazz Quarters, £5 in.

Proof Positive Christmas Party – Monday 16th December

PP december

Proof Positive returns with a free Christmas gig/party featuring three old nags of the London electronic rock-improvisation scene.

Adam Betts on drums and electronics, Matt Calvert on guitar and synths, and Tom Rogerson on piano and keyboards.

They will be improvising their way through the evening, not ruling out the possibility of festive kitsch.

Usual time and place: Doors at 8, Servant Jazz Quarters, 10A Bradbury Street, Dalston, 2 minutes walk from Dalston overground stations.

Proof Positive 4 – Nov 13th

PP satelitti


After a bit of a gap (it’s been too long), Proof Positive returns with Italian synth/drums duo Satelliti whose album Transister has recently been released by the Leaf label and can be heard here:

Usual time and place:

Servant Jazz Quarters, 10A Bradbury Street, Dalston, 2 minutes walk from Dalston Kingsland overground.

Starting about 8.30, £5 for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there.




Proof Positive 3 – 27th May 2013

PROOF POSITIVE may 27 small


WRANGLER – Benge (John Foxx) & Phil Winter (Tunng) & Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire)
TOM ROGERSON – Three Trapped Tigers

@ Servant Jazz Quarters

10a Bradbury Street

(Nearest tubes are Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland stations)

Entry: £5

Doors: 8pm


Wrangler is a duo made up of Phil Winter from folktronica pioneers Tunng, and Benge, modular synth guru and long-time collaborator with synth legend John Foxx (he of Ultravox, ‘Underpass’, etc.)

This will be a semi-improvised all-analogue synth gig featuring their extensive collection and knowledge of modular synthesizers. 
The band has been performing for some time and frequently perform with Stephen Mallinder, founder of post-punk band Cabaret Voltaire.’

Tom Rogerson of Three Trapped Tigers will perform an intimate solo set before a live improvised collaboration with Wrangler.

PROOF POSITIVE 2 – Tuesday 12th March

proof positive march MATTHEW

We’re delighted to announce the second Proof Positive night on March 12th at Servant Jazz Quarters as before.

Matt Bourne and Chris Sharkey are two of the best and most interesting and innovative improvisers in the UK, both based in Leeds.

Matt is a pianist and analogue synth player, who has performed in numerous groups and collaborations covering such diverse genres as classical composition, free jazz, electronica and metal. His latest album was named album of the year 2012 by Stewart Lee in the Sunday Times.

Chris is a guitarist who is equally diverse, playing in bands such as Acoustic Ladyland and Trio VD both of which focus on creating improvised music that draws more heavily on rock and electronic elements.
Chris and Matt play together in Leeds-based noise/metal/improv group Collider.

They will be joined by Tom Rogerson (piano/keys) and Adam Betts (drums) who constitute two thirds of Three Trapped Tigers.

Hope to see you there!


Welcome to a new gig.

This night comes out of a few frustrated years looking for gigs to do unusual music and getting the same quizzical looks and/or unsupportive grunts from promoters.

So instead I have decided to do it myself as an excuse to perform without having to worry about hustling/justifying/describing/selling the gig.

The intention is to put on all the bands, acts, people who I know and revere who have had a similarly tough time finding the right gig for their particular project. I’m especially targeting those who said, ‘I’ve got a great idea for a band but I don’t know how to get it started.’

Initially, it’ll probably focus on a few of the things that I’m interested in myself, namely how to combine electronic and live performance, and how to combine improvised and written material. But I don’t want it to be exclusively about any of those things: it’d be good to avoid being tagged as any particular kind of night.

The ‘tag’, such as there is, at first, is likely to be some sort of undiscussed aesthetic that the performers will all have in common, and the fact that we’re all linked by being friends and colleagues lost in the murky depths of the London alternative music scene.

Tom Rogerson